What are the specs for the dune mmorpg survival game?

I know we have no information yet. I was just curious…

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I assume High End PC, with Back up PC when a 2nd worm is present in game. XD


I would think that it’s high end PC but also both consoles will be supported. Console is a huge part of Conan and I doubt they will ignore those markets.

essentially one RTX per sandworm :laughing:


I guess, depending on game engine… I hope a ps4 version is coming. I’d be fine if they announced ps5. (just gives me another reason to hunt one down) =p

I sincerely doubt the previous gen is going to be designed for. Maybe I’m wrong but the scope of this thing keeps growing, not shrinking and CE is taxing the older generation of consoles. I wouldn’t expect this on the Ps4 or Xbox 1.

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