What can we do 3581 Being killed by clans camping obilisk and are thralls will not attack them when they are at are bases


We are trying to fight clans that came onto the server clan name bend over meshell and eviction notice. When teleporting to the snik hole they will camp ob and kill us then loot us when they come to are base are thralls will stand still and not attack. Once they leave the thralls will work. Plz help us we got pics and video of this happening.

These guys are definitely doing something like glitching the server. For some reason when we come into contact with this clan it’s lag switching or something.

Well the thralls should be attacking with other clans we fought are thralls didn’t just stand there and do nothing they fought . With tese guys they just stand and do nothing

Learn how to fight. If you need PvP lessons you can ask me. (And do not port to obelisks fully geared. Always do a naked port to check if it’s free or let a friend scout naked)

During PVP hours or such just stay naked. No point on wearing armor. Just drink potions and lotus and magic fish.

Then just make crappy replaceable weapons.

Truely armor isnt going to protect you anyways. The only thing is weather.

So if yoy must wear clothes. Use the weakest gear that is not flawless.

I use regular Stygian. A bow from a DLC and I carry a DLC weapon.

That way if you get killed you can just leave your garbage weapons with them.


PvP is 24/7 on PvP servers.

But yes, he can just walk around with non epic flawless stuff to still get the attr points.

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