What client should I download?

Hey guys should I download the steam client or the new engine client? Obviously better graphics would be nice but I heard the new engine was unstable. What are you guys using?

I use the new Engine Client and for me wordks fine.

here is a Thread where you find all was is needed

Ok, I’ll give the new engine a shot. I’ll try both actually

I use the old engine. The new engine crashes often for me to make the better graphics worth it.

Everyone seems to have different experiences with the new engine though so yeah give it a go.

If you’re Omni, use the old engine. The original lighting fits the moody, broody music in Omni regions very well.

Although AO’s loading screen is the best music, but new PC’s with fast internet connections can’t hear it now, like we could when AO was first released.

So can only hear it properly in Borealis at night now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXjurbQnc6A