Steam - Is this the new engine by default?

I just installed the Steam version. Is this the new engine or do I need to install the one from the Funcom site? If the default Steam install is not the new engine, is there a way to make Steam install a version with the new engine? Thanks

The steam client is the old engine, with a minor tweak to the login window.

The only way to get the beta engine into steam would be to download and install manually, then add it as a non-steam game.

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Just out of interest, what is this tweak? I thought it was identical with the old engine you download from the funcom website.

May not still be the case, I skip past the screen so quickly these days that I barely look at it, but on initial release to steam they added a “Register” button in addition to the usual two below the Username/Password boxes.

The new engine looks really good. Reminds me of The Repopulation, SWG or even Empyrion.

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