What's the kindling fire for?

So the new kindling fire that you build on the artisan bench… I don’t seem to be able to cook with it, it doesn’t seem to give off warmth (that I noticed) and it doesn’t radiate light at all. At night it’s a pinpoint of light. Anyone got ideas on what it could be used for? The best I can come up with is to mark a location in the dark that I want to come back to.

Maybe it keeps you alive in the cold like a tent does in the sandstorm? I haven’t tested.


Easy to make low light for stealth base.


I was about to ask the same!
It reads in the description that it is for exposing incoming foes. Maybe cheap fire to have around a base, hopefully it does not claim land or some advantage like that.

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Weird. I didn’t think to read the description. But what does that mean :thinking:

@erjoh it doesn’t give off any ambient light though. It’s a point of light like the glowing eyes in the metal skull. So no use to see by

Yeah, that’s the only use I’ve discovered so far.

I does give off some light. But largely, it’s aesthetic and ambience. Role play stuff.

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