Wheels of pain do not work on xbox 1

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do you people know that the wheels of pain do not work on xbox 1? you place gruel,thrall,activate, nothing,it just sits there,
Also players cannot join a multiplayer game
Taming pens work but have to be placed at odd angles.

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I’ve just tested on my xbox one. Wheel of pain is working as it should.

Not on mine, any suggestions?

Is there a setting somewhere that i missed?

Just threw Iblis of Zingara (or whatever the heck her name is, an alchemist from Sepermaru) on the wheel and everything seems to be working just fine.

If this is single player, did you make any changes to the default settings (such as the thrall crafting time)?

I have a Janos in my wheel of pain, was only logged out for 14 hours and it decayed. Aside from that wheel of pain works normally on xbone

Different issue, but if you’re dropping wheels right on the ground, then make sure they’re close to a base of yours (to inherit its decay timer). If they’re out in the middle of the weeds somewhere, always build them on top of foundations (5x5 should do it).

It was INSIDE my crafting hall ON a foundation

Sometimes it glitches and breaks the thralls instantly. Did you check to see if that didnt happen and your thrall is actually done? Ive had a number of thralls I put on the wheel and activate and done. Pull thrall off wheel and go about my day.

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Still broken,

Hello @IRONDEEK, is this happening on singleplayer?

Are you using the default server settings or did you tweak any?

Have you tried the three variants for the wheel of pain and do none of them convert thralls?

Could you share a screenshot of your wheel of pain’s interface or a short video depicting the issue?

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