When 3.0 launches will i get siptah & all DLC's

Hi all, I am thinking of buying a 2nd copy of Exile Lands & i’m wondering …Funcom have said after 3.0 launches they will not sell DLC’s. Does his mean that anyone with just the base game will get UPgraded to Sitah & all DLC’s.
If it does it’s a real kick in the teeth for everyone that has already bought everything.

I have been wondering this too as I have supported Funcom & bought Exiles with all DLC’s inc Siptah. Maybe players that have bought Exiles complete package should get the first Battle Pass for free.

Uh, what? No, they said that any future content that was added for monetization would be through the BP or Bazaar, but that the past DLC themselves would remain as they are and available.



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