New Player DLC Advice

Hey just some quick questions, how essential or recommended is the dlc? Does dlc effect what servers/worlds are joinable or does it not matter?

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Isle of Siptah adds a new map. You cannot enter the map without it.

The other DLCs are not needed to enter maps or servers. They are more less just cosmetic. They add some new armor, weapons and building pieces with new looks, but no game stats that aren’t readily available elsewhere. They do not add new land or anything.

Recommendation: Start with the basic game, playing on the Exiled Lands. When you like the game and building bases, snatch a DLC or more you like. They’re available in bundles sometimes.

When/if you get tired of the Exiled Lands, try out Siptah. Exiled Lands is much better to begin with, though. Siptah is designed more as a free for all sandbox, while the Exiled Land (base game) introduces the player to the mechanics, enemies, story and so on in a progressive manner.9


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