Old DLC on new map

Not a fan of it being a separate map so I have to ask, will any of the current dlc work on the new map? I saw that mods would so wouldn’t the dlc, specifically the cosmetic stuff work?

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Might but if have you’re own server you will have to set it for one or the other. Can save information and go back and forth. Concerns for consoles Gportal not so great.

I would be really surprised if the current dlc’s didn’t work with the new map since they are all a part of the base game :slight_smile:


however, the base game and the expansion are separate, so it does not necessarily follow that content from one may be used on the other.

I guess another way of asking this would be, will i be able to use the new building materials on the old map

They are to my best knowledge just different maps sharing the same features/content and core mechanics, there shouldn’t be any technical problems using content from basegame/dlc’s in siptah and the other way as long you own them all yourself :slight_smile:

It’s a new map not a new game, all the dlc should work just fine,

The cosmetic dlcs do work with the new map.


I suspected as much
Basically this a new game. Not just a new playground use and then run home to your old base. Is it still going to run on the same version of Unreal Engine?

You probably can use the new stuff on the original map, you just wont find the resources. So if anyone wanna admin in some materials, they can, that would be logic.

Hey there,

Previously released DLC will be usable in Siptah, and any new building pieces and craftable stuff will be available in the Exiled lands with some exceptions (for instance, world recipes that require certain materials only found in Siptah). They would still be usable either way if spawned via admin panel.
For specific details, please check our stream today at 5PM CEST.


Ignasis will ALL of the existing religions still be available on the new Map? And will existing Legendaries be attainable there?

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Hey @Croms_Faithful

For particular details please check our stream where our game producer Scott, legendary exiled Aussie Joel and other members of our devteam will unveil all the juicy details and answer any questions.

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I don’t have a twitch account to ask questions during the stream. Wouldn’t it be better to have a pinned post where we can list questions 24hours before the stream?

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Sure thing Ignasis, I look foward to it. Well that is to say I will catch all the details on Multigun’s recap anyway. Just as good in my book.

Wait, Joel is an Aussie too…!? Cool!! :sunglasses:

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Waiting for the summary of Multigun, some of us do not know English and our only way of knowing things is by translating what has been written by multigun, eternally grateful for his writing


Hey there. Not sure if you saw, but it’s available for view now. Hope it helps!


With new mats, new mounts, new map, new everything.
Yeah its a new game with zero links to the old game.
Even Age of Conan and Conan Exiles are linked by lore, and people.
Oh yes, there is even an AoC person in the new game/map.

Since it likely draw from the same base files(just with new additions and a new map) than the base game, it’s very likely all existing DLC will be compatible with the new map since they’re already in the database of the full game(so as to allow non-DLC owners already to see DLC structures even if they can’t build DLC structures themselves).

The lore already states you’re a Castaway from a slaveship originally destined to the Exiles Lands and the portals themselves seem to be drawing thralls from the Exiled Lands when dropping them on the Isle of Siptah to be captured.

So there’s plenty of link to the base game, even if indirects.

And it might be a new map with “new everythings” but it still uses the database foundations of Conan Exiles so everything (specifically: feats and crafting recipes) that was Conan Exiles is in the new map on a technical level (some recipes might be unavailable, but only because the mean to learn them might not be in the gameworld. But they would remain in the -data- of the game and could still be learned by admin commands/etc I suspect).

After all, it’s an expansion, not a stand-alone game. If it it were a new game you wouldn’t need to own the base game(and all the foundation of data and files it provided) to play the upcoming expansion… or else the expansion would itself be that much more larger to download, again.

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