When did you know you loved or hated this game?

Thanks for posting that Nordavind!

I’m not that’s the one, but it was around 2010-11 that I KNEW TSW was going to be it. SWL is what we have left so yeah for that!

The story is top-notch and almost everyone fell in love with it withing the first cutscene or zone… as for spending money on endgame talismans…

Right now my sincere advice is don’t. There is no endgame atm, and developers have repeatedly stressed that endgame and PvP are very very low on their priority list - this game is going to be story focused, so it’s going to be very easy to overgear it and roflstomp every opponent.

Around IP200 might be a good place to stop leveling gear, tbh.

Spend money on cosmetics if you like, but there’s no endgame progression to warrant investing anything real into gear or leveling.

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Lol, which game are you talking about here? There might be a lot of things missing from SWL but endgame progression really isn’t one of them. :v:

What hes stating is that there is no indication that they will be developing or focusing on any new group content in SWL. What exists currently is just 50% of the endgame content that existed in TSW spread over 10 elite tiers, sure that’s a form of progression but for what purpose? So you can one shot the mobs even more reliably in future story content updates?


When i got to Kingsmouth i was alrady sold. I’m still blown away by it.

After the closed Beta. I was so excited to see the rest of the game.

This trailer sold it immediately. Then, it was just the quality of the storytelling.


This trailer all the way back on the Dark Days Are Coming website.

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I started in Secret World, several years back, but quit when I reached Tokyo and had to start dealing with the aegis system (not an atypical endpoint).

I was captivated right away by the Lovecraftian vibe in Kingsmouth, and working my way through the storyline and side quests gave me a real sense of accomplishment. TSW was not easy mode. I used the internet plenty, not gonna pretend otherwise.

I’m a fan of urban fantasy stories, so Secret World didn’t have to work very hard to draw me in. I jumped on Secret World Legends when I read that the aegis system was not coming back, and I haven’t regretted it.

I hope we see dinosaurs in the Congo, Radar Men on the Moon, and Old Ones in Antarctica.


For me, loved it moments are too many to count. The dripping atmosphere, the lore, the wonderfully REAL characters that I became heavily invested in. The inventive combat system, the story that had my mind spinning.

Unfortunately the moment I realized I hated it was when after waiting three years, and levelling up in the same game all over again (and hating the new combat and itemization system) - that the New Dawn was not what I was hoping for or expecting. Such a let down and terrible quality.

I no longer am willing to pay for this (subscriber since it was available). Such a shame, this game had and still has so much potential, but my expectations are now incredibly low.

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In New York, at the laundromat. They had me at “They kidnapped my girlfriend and replaced her with an android”.

TSW closed beta …first day I was hooked :confused:

Bought the lifetime sub shortly after…

Too bad that game is no more :frowning: