When does ps4 get newest update

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Does anyone know when we get the patch that pc got on Saturday on ps4

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Assuming all three patches were finished at the same time, which is normally the case, we should see the Xbox and Playstation within a few days. Both have to go through a certification process by Microsoft or Sony, respectively, that can take a few days. Assuming no issues are found, the patches get posted.

The only time it was more than a few days was the Patch to take us out of the Halloween event. On a side note, I still enjoyed it and would love to see another. So I’m hoping to see the patch hit my xbox no later than Friday.


Hope so too.
@Tascha or @Ignasi
Can Funcom confirm patch is in cert, or is it still being ironed out before it is sent in?

Thank u

NP. I remember the first time I waited for a patch… I think I drove @Tascha crazy. :grin:

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