Where is are update

Why did PS4 get new patch before XBox

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Both consoles go through their own certification process. Sony probably got the patch through faster. I bet we’ll see it later today or tomorrow. Let’s just be happy for them and get some idea as to what potential bugs were might have to deal with. :grinning:

I just hope it hits before the end of the week. It would be nice to come back to an updated game this weekend.

Still no update may have to go over to PS4 to play now

In the mean time you can go and look at the patch notes for the PS4 version to see what kind of changes may be in store when it finally does drop. I plan on most likely starting a new game once it does drop. Seems like there are enough changes to make it worth it.

Hey there,

The Xbox One patch has just gone through certification and will be launched soon (this week).

Looking forward to checking out all the new additions in the game.
It is a shame that I am unable to play until the weekend. But after all this waiting, what is a few more days?

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It’s probably coming tomorrow :slight_smile:

Yay I can’t wait for tomorrow

what time (roughly) in Australia? its now 735am and ur post was made 6hrs ago… (just trying to work out roughly when and what time so I can time being up for it :P)

Sounds like you talking from the future.

Crazy international date line…:grinning:

lol, i get that so much, wish it was true then I would be playing the update already! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just think about it, you are a time traveler when you cross that line. I would not want to travel across it, for I will be confused about the date and time.

so its 11pm tonight the patch comes out (Australia time)

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