Is the New update coming this week?

Game mode: [Online]
Region: [EU]

Just noticed the update dropping for ps4, roughly when will the new update drop for us Xbox players?

P.s. Thanks to all the developers working on this game! For me, it’s one of the best games made, it runs incredibly and I’ve never had any problems with it (It just keeps getting better! - I can’t say the same for Ark)

  • Many thanks from 2 Conan Exiles Super fans!

It all comes down to xbox/Microsoft. The certification is probably sent out and can be any day now.

I know about the certification, but I’d like to know if they’ve sent it through to Microsoft yet

If they sent it to PlayStation then I would think it’s already in Microsofts hands

There are different bugs on the Ps4 version, they may have fixed this one first and they could be still working on the Xbox update

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