When will the Siptah DLC be available?

Taiwan does not have any Sipu Island Tower DLC
Can’t play Sipu Island Tower
When do you want to update?

Ps: today has been updated out of Japan


Hey @Sam_0478

This is not entirely depending on us. We are working with our distributing partners closely to ensure Siptah and 2.4.4 can be released in your region as soon as possible.

Sorry for the wait!

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What is the reason why some countries are unable to play?
Or is it a problem with the PS4 store?

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On some regions, we rely on distributing partners due to the different market conditions and regional differences. For big launches, such as Siptah and 2.4.4, getting the preparations ready (and all that involves) may take a bit longer.
That being said, we do everything that is in our hands to make that wait as short as possible. Conan Outcasts released Siptah in the Japanese regions today, and we hope to get this content to the remaining Asian regions as soon as it’s possible.


I seem to understand
So Taiwan to wait for the 2.4.4 version out
before the Sipta Island DLC can be released?
Is that what you mean?

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That is what it sounds like after reading it over a couple times. Looks like Funcom has to go through a third party in your region.

Thank you, then I understand.
My English is not very good, so I use the translation
I found the page automatically translated
Some do not understand
Thank you for your answer

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You are very welcome. Enjoy the DLC when you get it.

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