Please help to confirm why we can't find this in the PS store zone 3?

As title, zone 3 PS store always doesn’ t have the DLC on time.
As my remember, the season package delays almost one year.
Please make sure the DLC is in all store after full release.


Hey @XavierLee0214

Some regions are controlled by a distributing partner and may take a few longer to receive the latest update. The current estimate for those regions, to receive 2.4.4 and the Isle of Siptah DLC is June 3rd.

Is it confirmed that the Siptah Island DLC will be released on June 3? Asia is currently unable to find the Siptah Island DLC

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It’s not confirmed, as it does not depend on us 100%, but it is the current estimate we’ve been provided with.

Can it be handled as soon as possible?
Because I will rent a server immediately after the update
I found that I could not play the missing DLC

Thanks for the reply. Please do not let us wait as long as the season pass.

So, what’s the new current estimate?

Remind that there is still no isle of spitah in the zone 3.

And I think it is unbelievable that the distributing partner has such bad performance that all DLCs delay such long time and I have never seen in other games.

You should use some time to review what’s your partner doning. It effects your revenue a lot.

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