Where is the new DLC? I thought it was dropping today?

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I read that the new PS4 dlc was releasing today. What happened? Where is it?

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Maybe after the Dev Stream

“All this will be available for $9.99 on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on Friday.” That was a quote from FunCom. They said the Dev Stream was just to showcase and promote the new dlc to get people to come back. I’m really fed up with FunCom already as it is. With them showing the khitan dlc in the game but still no way to access it. And the million other issues already listed. Don’t show dlc without a way to access it. Don’t say you’re releasing the dlc with a quote “Friday” without a follow up. My hope is lost in these guys.

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i already bought it on ps4, im building on official servers just fine

it’s on the playstation store homie, has been for 4 hours now. I already have damn near a full base out of it on official pvp

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PC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/760730/The_Imperial_East_Pack/
PS4: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1850-CUSA10608_00-KHITAICULTUREDLC
Xbox: See Microsoft ingame purchases. Note: Released incrementally on xbox within 24 hours
@Dmoz there ya go


not spending a dime on this game with all the lies/bugs and no support

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@HowDatFeel feels like you’re unconstructively argumenting that. For your information, patches on consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) take more time to be released, as they need to go past certification first.

Secondly, some of the major requested fixes and features have been made, other things require more time because the backend and technical issues that occur behind the scenes are far less easy to fix than the visual perception.

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oh so you think its ok for my thralls to reset daily when i log back in and never finish yea ill not be buying the DLC thank you what a joke

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@stonerking sorry, but I think you’re replying to the wrong forum thread buddy.

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A friend of my can’t buy the dlc it won’t show in playstation store or in the main page of the game like it dus with me. does anyone know how to make it show in the playstion store.

Would your friend happen to have a screenshot? It should be there for everyone by now.

he says it doesn’t i send a screenshot of my to show him but it isn’t there.he can’t buy it like that either

I bought the imperial pack but I can’t download. No button in the store, and when trying to download in the app, it says content not found…on ps4

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Just start the game. There is no download. You buying it just allows access

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Oh sheesh really! I’ll log in and check because last time I logged on, the new stuff had a download arrow so I assumed it was telling me to download something ha! Thanks you!

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Just FYI for someone confused like me - so I had the Khitan recipes, but also saw the Aquilonian recipes …thinking those should be unlocked. Apparently they are gearing up for another dlc ?

yea im not happy about that AT ALL with the dlc why funcom plz answer us? wheres our Aquilonian recipes?

Khitan dlc is there then not there in ps store for me maybe ps problem they seem be slow on stuff especially us store

Some People just don’t understanding why players are so upset about this company…

You want screen shot , here it is

Where’s the DLC?

i cant find it :joy:

The way they manage the game , communications with players , is terrible …