Ps4 DLC doesn't work and no longer shows up on psn

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: payed for DLC cant use it
Region: Central US

So I decided to buy the dlc when it dropped sadly. When I loaded the game in it showed up with a green lock looking thing on the dlc items. So I backed out and went to the dlc content button and it said purchased click on it and it says no content found (as of the first week after it dropped). I just restarted my game figuring hey maybe it’s like 7days, have to start over. No I was wrong -.- still cant access it. Also now the dlc button doesn’t even show up in the main menu. I know I am not the o ly person that this is happening to I’ve seen other and I’ve posted about this at the begging of the week. Really disheartening to pay funcom money for a dlc that I cant even play.

Have you tried doing a refresh on licence’s?

I went ahead and tried that since you recomend it (why it took me a min to reply sorry) and stil the same cant unlock the items or use them.

Bugher thought might have been a Sony handshake issue.

In the screens you posted, the yellow tinted weapons in the crafting menu, they look unlocked to me. Those are the Khitan weapons, and since you can see them in your crafting menu, you can actually craft those.

Now, in the screen where you have the whitish-looking crafting table, with the green arrow on, that’s the Aquilonian DLC, which hasn’t been released yet. So the yellow-tinted weapons and building pieces, those are the Khitan you bought, the white-tinted ones are the Aquilonian which will be a different DLC; it shows in the menus but we don’t have it yet, because it hasn’t launched yet.

This is the Aquilonian crafting table you also highlighted in your screen, we don’t have this yet.

This is a Khitan weapon, from the DLC we got, the Khitan DLC. These weapons which are glowing yellow we can craft.

This white glowing weapon is the Aquilonian DLC, which will arrive at a later date. I also have the green arrow, but this DLC is a different one, and it’s not available yet.

And this is the Khitan artisan table where you can craft different items in Khitan style.

So practically, we’re talking about two different DLC’s, one we bought already, the Khitan (the yellow tinted weapons, and everything else that is yellow tinted in crafting menu or in feats), and the Aquilonian DLC, which even though it appears in game with a green arrow, it’s not released yet. It will come at a later date, but it’s not available for us.


Ok sweet thankyou! I thought it was live already since it was available for purchase. Thank you for clearing that up for me :slight_smile: because I did notice I was able to craft the khitan and I though it was odd I couldn’t access the other. Have too pass this in to others I’ve run into.woth this problem:)

You’re welcome :+1:

No, the Aquilonian one will drop at a later date, even though it shows up in game files.

Have fun :grinning:

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