DLC Not Appearing After Confirmed Purchase

Sorry If this problem has already been covered, I recently purchased Blood and Sand and got confirmation that It had downloaded and was Installed on my PS4 system, yet when I opened the menu Ingame there was nothing, so I did a bit of faffing about and sorted It, It’s simple really, Renew your licences and then turn off your PS4 and then unplug It from the mains for a minute or two, then stick the plug back In, restart your PS4 and everything should be fine and dandy

For the full explanation, see the FYI here:
Be sure to read the bold note at the bottom.

Yes, this FYI (as found on the wiki) is sourced from several threads, of which at least one is still pinned in the PS4 bug subforum.


last one I bought, (on NA version before switching to EU version) was Khitan, i had to wait about 5 mins before it worked in game.

Few people found going into SP, and using Admin Panel would confirm it was working. And then had no issues after 9for that dlc anyway)

I can’t speak for newer ones… I can’t get my CC to buy Euro PSN cards… so havnt been able replace any of DLC. XD

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