Why buy the dlc?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Misc
Region: USA

Why should we buy the dlc? I mean all you need is 1 guy in the clan that can make the armor, weapons and the other items. Then he can just guve it to you and you can wield wear or place said items. Bring out paid DLC is very stupid when the game plays so badly.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Buy the game
  2. Get screwed over because the game plays like $h!)(.
  3. Be asked to pay more money for a broken game.
  4. Laugh out loud maniacally in disgust.
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I like good looking stuff no matter its properties :smiley:

So basically that means that I, as a single player I’m financially supporting the multi player community like some sort of sugar daddy.
Well, that’s a bit disturbing… :confounded:

Lol well if the keep on doing what they doing, their server population will die and multiplayer will dwindle. I assume the decay has already set in seeing that only after 2 months the game now has 39% discount on the PlayStation store.

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They said a 44% Discount to us in the uk

Well, I suppose the discount is because around this time of the year Steam has that summer sale thing going on, so it would then make sense for the X-box and PS4 to get the same discount to keep things fair.

True possibly. But usually such big discounts soon after release on whatever platform usually denotes that sales expectations have not been met, or current player base has slacked off and they trying to encourage new players

Why buy the DLC?
I’m wondering WHY did I buy the game itself!

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Many people would have you believe you should buy it so that the devs have more money to spend on fixing the game. Ya know… after you already spent 50 bucks on a game that needed fixing in the first place. This game, and Funcom are in such a sad state of affairs. People are fed up .

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You won’t even want the armor and the weapon LOL. It’s WORSE than the default content’s armor and weapon BUT with more materials used. Like the lv 10 hvy armor for example, it needs elephant hide to craft like the level 30 hyrkanian hvy armor (iirc) with more armor value 101 vs 151.

I’m right there with xXSolo_ArtistXx

Sound not synchronized and the lag is simply horrible. Fortunately, i have 7 day return policy on this piece of dung.