Markdown the price of the DLC Please

Are there going to be any discounts for the DLC on the Playstation store? I saw the game itself has been on sale, but I already paid my $50.00 prior to launch and all that remains is the DLC. Before the DLC came out, I thought maybe it would be a one-off at like $15.00 for a good deal of content, but the reality is that it is $30.00 to get 3 cosmetic packs ($10.00 each). This is a little too much. I could reinstall without the new cosmetics of course, but I don’t know if it would be worth the time.

You do get how the DLCs are visual only, right?

The sad part is even after you send the money, the slash screen still pops up every time you log in.

maybe 2 lines of code, 0=no, have not paid, splash. 1=yes, bypass splash, at lease when you pay, you would get something worthwhile for your dead presidents.

Its not all visual, the stats for the armor are good. Just wish it had some good attributes besides survival and encumbrance.

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Maybe just buy one for now, and then another sometime later, another sometime later, space it out basically? I’ve bought every DLC as they came out, so that for me was basically $10.00 every 2 months or so.

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