Selling DLC separately: Putting me off

If pay and want it all because it is not that good. Not because I just want. But if I pay 3xR80 I can rather save for Grand theft outo V that gives updates still and growing the game. I get the Idea they just made a game I know its all about paying the price. Yes allot of work goes in there but why not just play Apex legends for free rather buying DLC. I ll pay R100 but then I want all. Not bits and pieces. I not saying there can not be bits and pieces but then it must be ingame or like a armor set you want that you can look like braveheart or something with a special pet that can help you carry and is flying behind you. There is also only one armor set I want of the DLC khitan. I also think they must bring in more adventure in the game like bring in dungeons where you can farm stuff like iron with your pet rather then mining it. Like iron men attacking you and golden men or silver men at the end. Something like that. It all can be running on your computer and not on the server with just feed whats going on. What I mean is you buy tomb Raider for adventure why not buy Conan Exiles with DLC with some adventure where you get special sword only from and can repair it with special or hard to make items like harden steel. I want to buy adventure not paying for DLC or for funcom

The whole reason we bought them was for the armor sets.
the nag screen is still active.

i agree with you, i would like to see too some expansion dlc, i dont say those building dlcs are bad, but i would like extend story, and some adventures

they said they have 4 dungeons at development, but release date is another question

not sure if 4 dungeons fill this game enought, maybe if they add some underground city /in giant cave/, with lore, loot, enemies etc. it be nice dlc, it could be separate location so it dont breake map limits of current version of engine

in the other hand they dont force you to pay for new features, they still providing patches, adding new advanture mechanics, like in test live mini boses, loot by prosesion in npcs, yeti.

death city also will get big overhaul, with several boses and uniqe loot

also not evryoone is willing to buy twice a year nessesery dlc for playing /evrything with new mechanics etc./, iam happy funcom didnt do with conan, what bethesda done with fallout where you get in calamity club 1 quest for 5 dollars…, also it breake your saves

and as probably will be said these dlcs didnt put anyone in any advantage over anyone, no p2w, your stuff just looks more fancy

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Funcom have, at least so far, kept their DLC entirely cosmetic, while gameplay upgrades/additions have been made available to everyone, for free. That’s very sympathetic, actually. There’s nothing in the DLC packs you can’t acquire elsewhere in terms of utility - though some temperature/stat combinations can be difficult/rare to find crafters for, while the DLC version is doable with any T4 crafter. So there’s a tiny bit of P2W in them - emphasis on tiny.


I dont mind DLC, like some said its not require to play and its only purely fun material. Be greatful that its not turning out like some games has… although i do wish for a hopeful Progression Major patch like new levels new area etc but i know that isnt the case with this style of game. Maybe in spirit If we are dreaming… to see more server able to link up with each other to be able to explore other people maps and not needing to have jump around so much… but a wish ful thinking

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