For your idea on making more money funcom

Trading card game. Make a conan tcg game where if you get common , or rare , or legendary loot … you can redeem it. In funcom dlc store

Thus would open a market for physical value of things and would get their game out in public view.

And it would open up a new card tournament :smiley:

What stopping you from going this route after all it the last type of money making business you havent explored yet

We only get patches at new chapter updates; unless it’s a hot fix to something they broke good in the update.

If the Bazaar wasn’t making money they would have revamped it to improve sales. I just hate to check it because I get outraged by the pricing. If they expected to make money off the chapter passes it wouldn’t be possible to make enough croms so easily, to pay for the next one. Seriously, anyone can complete the chapter pass in a week solo.

Yes, the question is “what’s next”? How many chapters do you think funcom can get out of sorcery? Just how long do you think they can keep producing content at this rate?

It’s my opinion half the issue with the official servers is them being drug down by the weight of the content on them. Basically Conan will soon be drowning under the weight of it’s own content, while choking on the bugs they introduce.

There’s a lot of important bugs to be fixed, i don’t care if the updates are only when new chapter is - they charge a lot of money so they should hire more staff and bring more to table.

Obviously it makes money - good luck in doing full battle pass in week solo - how long you gonna play each day? Even with admin commands its literally chore that will take a lot of hours - i bet people who said that never finished battle pass but rather purchased it.

Yeah what’s next cause so far we getting only worse and worse monetization and not much more content updates / fixes back for it.

Not sure what content you are talking about mate - 20 more elephant skins / wall sticker is not ‘content’ for me.

Hey now folks were not on about the bazzar today… it conan tcg and how to tie it with the game.

What style of game would you want to see with it

I don’t have friends that are into that sort of thing, so a physical card game isn’t my cup of tea. Simply wouldn’t have anyone to play against. But I’d probably have interest in a digital TCG.

more ways to milk money while not fixing bugs

i like it


So, uh, the suggestion is to add loot box mechanics to Conan Exiles monetization? Did I miss anything important here?


Are you similarly mystified about where video game loot box monetization tactics came from? If you are, let me enlighten you: TCGs.

What makes TCGs/CCGs profitable? You buy packs of cards without knowing exactly what’s in those packs and bet on the chances of getting rarer cards. You buy more packs to get better chances and/or pay more for packs with better chances.

Does that sound familiar? It should, because that’s exactly how loot boxes in video games work.


I do understand someone may not agree but people You need TO STOP abusing flag system in that case - ITS NOT made for that purpose.

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Great idea. Also, introduce a Premium account system with supporter-only attribute system bonuses and end-game recipes and loot box drops.
Something around 200 USD a month should be a baseline price for the sub.


I also mentioned Conan Limited NFTs which may be cool as well.


That’s another great idea. It’s crazy how Funcom doesn’t delve into the NFT market.
NFT is quite popular in the gaming community and will generate a lot of cash and a positive reputation for the company.


Wow. The sarcasm is thick in this thread.
(I love it) :smiley:

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When the abomination is so thick, it spills out of the abomination thread into its own thing. :harold:

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Only in the most general of terms.

My experience with loot crates is you get one, you buy a key to unlock it and take a spin. I quit gambling long ago. Quite a few games I have stacks of loot boxes.

To me a tactical card game is just that. A game of skill like chess, but your pieces are RNG. If all decks are not the same, that is just cheating and needs to be dealt with in that hobby not here. If buying a pack of cards is RNG, yet another game to stay away from.

None the less your logic never fails to amaze :wink:

That is quick sand. It leaves everything open to personal interpretation. Some one may take offense easy, others may be rhino hided.

Your post is off topic, should I flag it for that?

None the less,if they want to do a Conan TCG fine, but I don’t think it should be linked to the game in a rewards manner. Maybe some cosmetic in game to show you bought a pack cards. But nothing special per card.

Laughs , this has been the most entertaining.

But heck it could be a cool ass deck building game. Where you could play it in a DnD setting… maybe use the card as base value … or just have cool holo card for show off . Maybe even have a nice storage for card collecting. The different between TCG and loot boxes … is the physical value. you hold in your hand is a card that you can Trade with other players … while loot boxes you cannot since its a digital format for your account only.

But seriously it could be a nice investment. What if we could have a TCG where you can also add spells to your CE game. What if you could have a resources bundles redeemable for your game.

Pretty much all the physical TCGs/CCGs I’ve heard of (think Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, MtG) include this. Hell, they don’t only include it, their business model is based on it.

At any rate, loot boxes, gacha games, and CCGs all share the same element: buying a spin on the RNG wheel.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind that, but since the suggestion is in Conan Exiles forums and references “Funcom DLC shop”, it looked like the proposal was to tie this TCG to Conan Exiles in a way that would require you to participate in TCG to have special CE loot.

In fact, while I was writing this, @Dragoonduneman posted this:

So now you can stop blaming me for making an assumption, because my interpretation was proven valid.

And just to make my own stance perfectly clear: hell no. Let’s keep all forms of gacha out of Conan Exiles, please.

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To the OP,

Isn’t that just Siptah?

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