Where are the paid decoration items?

Can’t find the paid decoration items from dlcs in the tables: nemedian, argossian, turanian and all the others.

Check in knowledge menu, normally it tells you where you can craft them. If it says it should be crafted at the table and the blueprints are not there, probably is a bug. There is a big bug on single player where the game deletes your knowledge, blueprints and finally your character. Starting over all blueprints reappear. Annoying, I know.

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If you’ve already done all that, sometimes there is also a glitch where it just doesn’t show that you own it, in that case you’d just need to sign out and back in again. This unfortunately does happen fairly often, probably 1 of every 7-10 times I log in there is some kind of glitch with what DLCs I have purchased :frowning: logging out and back in solves it, but it’s a little annoying!


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