Cant craft dlc/bazaar items at table

I can’t craft anything at tables that are part of DLCs. I’m only player on server having this issue. Table had all materials in it, it is green and I can press the craft button but nothing crafts. Multiple people have tried to help me with no luck

i had the exact same thing yesterday, only it was the Battlepass stuff that wouldnt show up in the bench, even tho it showed up in Ancestral Knowledge. when i got on today the bug was gone.

Greetings @Coconuttyj17 ,

Can you let us know if you’re having this issue in official or private servers? Please, let us know the server as well.

Can you also let us know some examples of tables you’re using and recipes you’re not able to craft?

Thank you in advance!

Private server (LFT countries of Power Exiled Lands). Its all tables and all items that dont come with base game. I can see them all in the table crafting menu, it shows i can craft but just doesnt. This also happens in the player inventory crafting menu. Example: Just tried to make the recipe to make my horse white, didnt work. Also tried making the turnain fodder at alchemist table, wont craft. No one else in server is having the issue and i am able to craft these things in Single Player mode.