Can’t craft any doc items

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Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Wasted Lands

Bug Description:

My friend and I have recently started a new dedicated server for Xbox. We discovered last night we are unable to craft any dlc weapons or shields. My friend checked behind me and was also unable to craft any dlc weapons/armor. I picked up the benches several times and placed them back down and we both have verified our docs are installed and show on the game that we own them.

Bug Reproduction:

Have picked up and put blacksmith benches back down and still can’t craft any dlc items. The items are showing in the menu for us to craft and even shows the number we can craft based on supplies but will not que when prompted. Note: we’re able to make non dlc items just fine.

Hello @Shotz,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

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Please make a request here: and you’ll get assistance as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance!