Cant craft items after updates

I have bought all dlcs in the past, i have paid for the premium battle pass and completed the 60 levels of challenges and although i see the new stuff in the benches it will not let me craft the following… the sorcerous pet food, tainted fodder, braier of skulls, khitan braziers, khitan dragon idol, large arcane brazier, when i craft a Lectern it gives me an iron cauldron. I also can’t craft the nemedian bookshelf, nemedian carpets, nemedian chair, nemedian horse figurine, oil lamp, soul alter, standing skull brazier, white wall torch, purple wall torch, yellow wall torch, assasin armor, barachan reiver armor, black dragon armor and others to many to mention. I only see the acheronian legate primus light armor not medium or heavy. I will not spend another penny on battle pass or bazzar items until the stuff is fixed that i have paid for. This should be illegal to rob people like this.

Same here for me and a clan mate. Since 3.0 we aren’t able to craft any dlc items (weapons, armor and decorations) at workbenches although we own the dlcs and we can’t craft any battle pass items either, although battle pass is owned and everything is unlocked. We see the items in the benches, but hitting the craft button does nothing. Tried to fix it with character recreation, but still can’t craft anything.

I had this issue and found the source of the problem was having the check mark on to unlockallrecipes this actually done the opposite in it made the recipes visable but i couldn’t craft them even though i had bought all dlc and battle pass items so make sure that box next to unlockallrecipes is unchecked and it should fix the issue.

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