Where to find the rules of conduct?

As title says. Where can I find the rules of conduct? All links I could find are broken.


Mainly they frown upon racism hate speech, homophobic slurs and profane sexual harassment. Like if you go in global and start spamming the N word or calling people that naughty term for gay folks that starts with an F, or tell another player to suck your ****, those all fall under what I like to call “Funcoms list of chat violations”

I would even go so far as to say that saying you will r@pe someone in global could be a bannable offense so mind your manners.

I’m sure many people are saddened to learn that constant use of caps however is not a violation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Funcom probably got sick of getting hit with lame petitions from hillary voters.

:slight_smile: thanks. I couldn’t find this though I the linked document? Only reference to character names, or did I skip a part???

No you wont find it listed under that page or any page i know of. Just use your best judgement. Funcom decides for themselves if a player is in violation or not based on their own best judgement.

Aauw:) fine by me, I guess.

I hope that works for my fellow fury players as well… seems some have different reference for what is acceptable.

Who r u ingame btw?

The main page of Age of Conan on these forums under “welcome to the community” has some infomation.

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