Where to learn Black hand tents

Hi where in game do i learn to make the black hand tents?

As far as I know, the recipe exists as part of the game coding, but it cannot currently be learned anywhere (not without a mod, anyway), unless it was added into the game sneakily with the latest patch. The tents can now be found as random loot from the Black Hand.


Hello Margiv, I know you want to learn the tents recipes of the faction of the “black hands” and I do not know if I’m going to help you, but we can find tents of the “black hand” in loot on the bodies of pirates of the black hand and in their chests, since a recent update, around the black galley.

Finally in any camp of the black hand, I believe.

After I do not know if it is possible to have the tents otherwise, and I’m just repeating what Kapoteeni says ( sorry )

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