Official response? (Please?) Black Hand Tents. Is the recipe available in game?

You don’t have to tell me where it is, but I would love to know if I can actively acquire the recipe, and craft the tents. I ran through the pirate ship last night, tried to click on everything I could. Only found the two banners. I checked a couple of the surrounding camps as well, did not find anything. Meanwhile, my forum searches have proved uneventful, beyond mentioning that the feat is in game, but he tents may not be.

Please, may I have a response?

I know there’s a mod that gives Black Hand tents as a recipe you can find, but not an official recipe in the game.

Look for Exiled Lands Improved:

You can also read about the mod here in the forums: @Alex02 has done a fantastic job with this mod, with frequent updates, and keeping everyone informed of the progress and changes. You should really check it out!

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The Feat exist in the Devkit, I didnt create anything, I just added it on the Jamila dialogue.

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