Why are arrows screwed up? Snake arrows turn into flint arrows on archers? DUH!

I re-equipped my archers with snake arrows since throwing axes do not work. When the archers fire the arrows though they are firing flint head arrows. Check your archers when firing and you will see what I mean. snake arrows automatically get converted to flint arrows on the archer.

So now only flint head arrows work snake arrows no longer work this sucks the big one.

Can I ask what form of testing was done since this got messed up?


Did you actually equip the proper arrows to the thrall bows like you have to for yourself?

yes did that like 3 times to verify it was actually happening. You have to have the thrall’s pack opened while its firing to see what arrows are being used because after the first shoot the arrow in the pack disappears.


Strange because, if I recall correctly, the only arrows that are supposed to get used up are the new ‘Special’ ones. Snake and others are supposed to be the ‘infinite ammo’ they had been for so long…

yeah does not seem to be working that. Try it for yourself. - make sure you have the thralls pack open when its actually firing at something and watch the arrow icon convert snake arrows to flint arrows

I am on 1506 official server so I would expect all officials to be doing this if mine is.

Sadly, all arrows on thralls are finite. I asked tascha about it and she said only the new arrows are not infinite. Yet, it was reported in testlive that thralls where depleting arrows, and nothing has changed.

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So now we are restocking thralls with food and arrows. This increasing in grinding punishes players for no reasonable payoff.

Why is funcom wasting players time with such grinds? Its imbecilic because it is counter productive to player community growth.

Especially, since thrall aiming is pure crap. Let’s also not forget they have very limited slots + need free slots for food.

This patch really burns :hot_face: my buns.

… at long last a reason to use the serpent-man weapons recipe for reasons other than completeness. They are crafted with Iron, Feathers, and Branches. Give all your Tower Defense Thralls three stacks of Serpent-Man arrows. Your Volcano Thralls equipped with Serpent-Man Arrows and Damage Modded Dragon-bone bows should be doing around 90 ish damage per shot.


doesn’t work if your arrows get converted to flinthead on your archers while they are firing. Check it out.

dafuq? - nobody dares approach my base… so … ehh… his might be a real problem then…

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