Why Funcom ignores players opinions and yet continue with their ideas?! Feeding Thralls?!

I’ve seen tons of negativity towards the idea of feeding the thralls. As a matter of fact I never saw people enjoying with the idea in common. I understand that it’s a comfortable way to clear some forgotten thralls but why to be lazy instead of finding something more constructive which will be pleasant for the player base? I mean not to mention the tons of bugs this will add to the game for sure… and yeah the thralls are still not working, fountains still not filling etc etc. Why do you ignore people’s feedback but still asking for it? Nobody likes this change and yet I see that It’s still going on… Why I need to feed the tons of thralls I have some of them in really hard to reach normally places, to become as a routine? It will be like the bugs fixing team in your company… getting money but not fixing anything (feeding thralls which are ignoring you while you’re getting killed). LOL

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