Why my foundation have only 100 HP/ 10 000 [with screenshot]

Can anyone help me please and tell me why my foundation are losing HP ?? Because im in a PvE official server and i did not have any purge. Im connecting every day so my decay counter is always updated. My questions are : why my foundation have only 100 / 10 000 ? What will happen if it reach 0 / 10 000 ?

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Maybe some trolls made a worldboss attack your buildings? (But I’m not even sure if they can damage buildings in PvE)
Anyways … Screenshots would help a lot. So make sure to spend one hour reading forum posts to reach the next trust level which allows you to send pictures.

Somebody probably used an exploit, involving a npc, that can cause damage to building pieces.
It’s a known issue, I seem to remember them saying it’s being addressed.

The thing is this is not the only one, some other foundation are in the same situation.

This one will decay if it reach zero ? Even if i’m connecting everyday ? How to resolve that ?

You can repair them using a repair hammer if you have got the required items in your inventory. To check what items you need, just use your repair hammer on the building. It will show you the ressources required.

Thanks for reply but i am aware of that however im talking about how to avoid this. I really cant repair all the time

Your example is very specific: 100 HP left .

There is a way for other players to use the environment to harm your castle, and with that few points remaining it seems likely this might be human-precipitated.

random arrows from thrall do this. A purge will do this…

Baiting a archer thall to attack while you stand behind someones building while they shoot the wall is another way (not very fast or worth it)


Yes it does

I think is simply a purge.

There is no way to avoid it. Repairs are a part of the game. If you don’t, it will just crumble and disappear.

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