Not sure what to do ... Base has really random decay

I have a bit of a cave base. But many of the foundations will have -1hp damage all of a sudden, despite my being active, and being around these objects, nearly all day.

Some foundations have broken near my door, Verfallsystem or whatever, meaning decay.

Ceilings, walls, everything just gets like 1 tick of damage randomly.

I know it seems menial but other pieces of foundation will show up at 100/10k hp, and don’t let you repair them, and if you relog, there’s a 25% chance these foundations will be back up at 10k hp.

I can’t feel right playing when the decay system feels so arbitrary and random. I’m half tempted just to tear down all like 300 T3 walls ceilings and foundations and just quit until decay works in a manner that isn’t offensive to active players.

Anyone have any advice, or know what the heck is happening? I wondered if it might be these “purges” I haven’t experienced yet. But the damage is done all over the interior.

Funcom doesn’t seem to like giving exact details about anything, be it patch note or info about decay, which is really annoying. I can’t tell what the problem is and if I have to treat my base like a bloody neopet everyday, repairing it all the time, while other players report no problems … i might as well tear all this autistic level of base and A) try someplace else B) wait a few months and come back when there’ll be DLCs and potential changes to decay … I dont know.

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