Why my score got wiped?

Game version: v1.5.6-65045-164
Type of issue: Other
Mods: [ Are mods installed: No ]

Bug Description:

i can’t see leaderboard, and save my score as well. it says ‘Something went wrong when trying to login. Please try again later.’

so i found just dev removed all of my score. i wonder how to determine and delete the cheated record. i have all videos for high scored run like shoel on every difficulty except AD, and even i posted Voke AD run in discord’s leaderboard clip channel.

Steps to Reproduce:

all i did before issue was changing the game language.

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Thank you for reaching out to us. We shared your case with our team, we might send you a direct message to request more information.

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May your voice be heard!

I confirmed that i got unbanned today. which is really appreciate. but why is there a record that hasn’t been restored?