Why people dislike the City of the Sun God


To me, it fit, because you have to go through the already middle of nowhere desert to get to it, but I understand where you’re coming from.

From personal taste, the area was just too difficult to navigate to get anywhere easily in TSW, unless you portal jump. To SWL’s credit, they remedied this with the jump pads, but it’s still a bit of a hassle to get around. From a story perspective, aside from the Black Pharaoh, Amir, and 1 or 2 Guardians/Children, I did not really find any of the characters interesting, or the story for that section of the game.


The geography, pure and simple. Also the lack of Amarna style art, but at least, unlike Scorched Desert, which is covered in Tutankhamun’s style art where Amarna art should be and Amarna art where Tutankhamun’s should be, City of the Sun God had a totally different aesthetic. (I still laugh that the Marya are recruiting to a banner of Akhenaten and Nefertiti worshiping the Aten in idyllic bliss.)


This is something a cabalie mentioned to me since I never noticed myself, but, in Scorched Desert, have you ever died and then looked up?


…well, now I’m going to have to test that.


Yeaaah right ! I forgot about that part ! I love when there’s extra stuff visible in anima form !


I honestly sort of wish there was ‘Ghost Lore’, bits of Lore/Legend/whatever you want to call it that you can ONLY FIND/COLLECT in Anima form.


Etheral Scriptures :slight_smile:


As I already mentioned I really love CotSG story. I agree the navigation across the zone is sometimes quite annoying, but what I really dislike is small variability of zone design. SD has similar problem, but at least there are a lot of ruins of various temples, oasis, city area, plain desert and rock areas. But CoTSG has far more limited variability.

And i am little afraid about upcoming zone it will have quite similar problem. But maybe i am only paranoid :slight_smile:


I like City of the Sun God playfield, I might just say that City of the Sun God is the place for your dailies and bonus quests …Maybe not, Feels like to much staring into sunlight, Like stepping into place has auto debuff of some kind.


If you’re going to post ridiculous claims, you should at least post the supposed source of those ridiculous claims.


I started over by the Tourist Temple and looking straight up, which was disappointingly blank. I ran southwest toward the Forsaken Oasis, thinking maybe I’d run into something closer to the center of the map, or something. Nothing over that way. Then I turned to head toward the anima well and–OH :scream:

I think the Wadi of the Crescent, South was the best spot I found for a nice, clear view that didn’t have cliffs covering it.

That was horrifying and amazing, thank you for mentioning it and the devs for putting it there. :heart:

Oh yeah. For some reason, I never had too much trouble with navigation in CotSG? My biggest issue was getting to Amir. Other’n that, I think I was generally able to tell what was raised on the map.
I just don’t like Egypt as much as the other zones because it’s bright and I like darker areas, period. >.>


Well THAT was interesting…


I actually really enjoyed City of the Sun God with the new changes from SWL. However, I think the main mission in the Scorched Desert was a bit long. I like that they included some of the other quests to make for a more coherent story, but it did feel a bit long with the whole train thing in there. Though as a whole I think Egypt does feel more impactful now. :wink:


I finally got round to looking over the map for this and honestly I can’t see it. Is its visibility impacted by draw distance or something?


Do one of you mind bringing us a screenshot ?


Spoiler tag it though!


The visibility is certainly impacted by the time of day.


Don’t even hover over this if you don’t want to see it out of game, the blurring at the hover level is insufficient to hide it. It’s really obvious, you just have to know to look!


If you get it at the right angle so something partially covers it–thus hiding the inner “glow” effect–it can show up as solid black. That was particularly eerie.


I dislike Egypt and the City of the Sun God because I can’t help finding desert themes incredibly boring. I like Egyptian mythology though, which made up for a lot, but overall Egypt is my least favorite zone in the game. Well, two zones actually. And, before anybody starts being overly sensitive or has a melodramatic fit: this is not due to racism. I respect anybody’s cultural and religious roots. It’s just the atmosphere in desert themes I don’t like. I loved the Carpathian zones though. Darkness and cold was more to my liking theme-wise. :slight_smile:
I also agree to the “mysticism to the face” thing being an issue for me in the City of the Sun God. It’s more like a fantasy realm which didn’t really get me.