What did everyone think of the game?

I just finished the game, which took me 12.5 hours instead of the usual 7/8, but I spend a lot of time geeking out, collecting my breath or just looking at the environment.

Figured I’d make a thread where we can share our experiences with the game. Some spoilers ahead, but that’s what the spoiler tag is for.

What surprised me was the amount of interactivity and different gameplay throughout. I honestly expected something akin to The Park where you can basically only interact with a few items. MoM in that regard was much less a walking simulator.

And diving into spoiler territory

The connection to the Secret World was much bigger than I expected. To be honest I was worried that this might just turn out to be a game with a layer of Secret World paint, so to speak. Turns out I was wrong. Underground Orochi facilities with familiar drones, dodging cameras, solving the puzzles all felt very much like the Secret World to me. And that’s ignoring familiar lore and characters, Samuel, the Dreamers, Gaia Engines, Antartica… I even spotted a reference to Marquard.

Now the most amazing thing I realized is that this game actually tells a story that we were promised a long time ago, albeit with some changes. There was a trailer called “Everything Is True” where years upon years of TSW story were hinted at. One of the lines was “there is a city on the moon”. Now, this city may have been moved to Mars instead, but I very much believe that this completes that missing piece of the puzzle.

All in all this game had much more to offer than I expected and I really, really enjoyed it.


The game was very rich and tailored the kind of story that I have been waiting for a very long time. Not the mostly abstract things and self-narration of The Park but something more engaging and surprisingly easy to connect with. Gameplay is varied, fear is legit and Secret Worlders will enjoy many references, enough that their knowledge will actually “feel” handy to the situations.

I want more titles like that in the future, I actually think these should be the priority for the Secret World IP from now on considering the response from the audience and how well executed/received the game turned out to be.

As previously mentioned (not by me at the time though) Secret World is more suited for the Singleplayer experience as the stories can benefit from a higher quality on multiple levels and allow us to truly enjoy this universe as much at it deserves to be.


im hoping this is a trend that contunues, the park and moon, sure suggest it might.
now, next game hell dimension anyone (time travel involving hel before the 3rd age? anything would be great though
or involving draug…possibly showing how dirfrent typs of filth might fight each other? that might give to much away so early though


I loved it. Some varied gameplay, which I didn’t expect, interesting and fun puzzles, and wonderful atmosphere.
As a secret world player there was so much to read and look at, with all those references, and I like that it didn’t really feel like you need to know the lore to understand everything.
Playing it with my partner and there were lots of moments of “hey go over to this bit of paper! look at what it says!” and just getting very excited seeing the connections to the secret world.

I’m definitely looking forward to some more games like this, exploring more of the universe in different ways.


Much like The Park it was a brief, mildly pleasurable snack that I’ll probably forget about in a few months. Some good moments but, overall, it really felt like average fare you could find on the 6th -7th page of a Steam search.
But those plotholes, man…

Which plotholes? :smiley:

There is a thread dedicated to the topic.

So far, every time I try to play I get motion sickness, and I’ve never gotten that from a game… even in VR. I don’t understand why. I’m still trying to get through it, and if anyone has any tips for that…

Thank you to the person who gave me a key so I wouldn’t have to pay for it

Have you tried turning off the bobbing motion from the character walking? I know there’s an option for that, so it might help

Yeah. I did that before starting. The first thing I do in single player games is go to settings and turn off things like motion blur and head bobbing. Maybe I should turn it on lol

I have the same problem, Ceruleana. Playing it in a window, so I can see a fixed backgrounds at the sides of my game window help a little. I can only play for very short periods.

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I’ll try that. That’s good to know. I honestly didn’t know what was going on as I very rarely get motion sickness. Someone told me it gives them motion sickness, and I was like OH! that’s why I have to keep stopping to take Advil or nap. I tried it a few times after they told me, and yeap! That’s what it is.

Although I didn’t experience it in Moons, I have definitely experienced motion sickness in other games and specifically found it tied to camera turning speed and high framerates. There are options for turning down your framerate down to even 30 fps, although I found 60 or under works well for me. Don’t remember if there is a mouse speed option or not, but that could also help.

I JUST got a new laptop and it’s the first single-player game I’ve played on it. I’ll try that. It could be it.

There is a mouse sensitivity option, I had to turn mine down a bunch because it was crazy sensitive and made looking around disorientating. There’s also the Sprinting FOV you can turn off that might help (it mentions it may cause disorientation or nausea in some users)