Will I Get Suspended?

Assuming you are talking about the eastern barracks. Do the imps still spawn?

Tbh it really all depends on if you get reported or not. It’s very easy for people to close their eyes on the issue and flag people for being honest.


You won’t be banned in that location, its a fun spot, I had my first base on 1036 there.

If you make a multi levelled building in the upper part you can even fit a map room there :smiley:

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There is no correct answer that anyone can give you except Funcom.

If you are questioning yourself about getting banned for something/or building somewhere then I would not do it!

I’m speaking from experience from being banned myself.

Funcom is actively working on police’s and guidelines. I even seen they started adding photos of examples. In the meantime play safe and smart.


You shouldn’t lead him to think he won’t get banned there when you do not know that for a fact.


This place was always occupied on pvp servers, mostly from solo pvp players buided with fence stacking exploits. The only situations I finded this place not builded was on new servers without people in it.
The other place was on north east of the aquadect Bridge close to the lake under the jhil caves.
Then again on den area almost all the ruined build were always occupied.
Too many to say that were main pvp spots for build.
I cannot understand why you ask, where this is getting to?
You joined here the April of 21 yet this couldn’t be your first day on Conan exiles and surely you know what I know about this spot.
Whats the catch here?

It’s pretty obvious the question he’s asking.

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You can build here effectively without fence stacking.

I don’t think there’s a catch. Not everyone knows where the ToC is or that there’s even forums or if they do, think to even come here for every question they may have.

OP may have heard through the grapevine that building in perma structures is a problem at the moment and decided to come here.

It’s a legitimate question.

As for answering you @Mbeat, I’m with others in that no one here can tell you if it is safe to build at Eastern Barracks or any other perma structure. This is Funcom’s realm. The ToC is woefully unclear and we’ve received little direction from Funcom.


And my question isn’t?
You participate in pvp servers FOR YEARS and you come here to ask what? Get to the chase and cut the crap please, thank you

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There we go, see @Boobie!!!
An honest member saying things as it is and not going around.
Another thread of clarify tos in players helping players now!!!

Not gonna lie you got me confused but no worries

No offence, but no one really knows what reasons Funcom uses to ban a player on official servers, at least nothing more than the guidelines…:

As long he doesn’t break the rules he should be safe to built there. Which as I see it, considering the rules he wouldn’t.

That doesn’t block anything and I have never been reported while in that spot. The imps never come back. If you build the basement wrong, the mandrake bushes won’t come back either and it’s a dead give away at that point. A gate fits perfectly in the entrance and I would recommend using wedge foundations with fence foundations to seal the Windows. Beware the tree. You can jump from the tree to the top of the temple. Also there was a glitch that allowed people to move through the mesh on the roof. It may or may not be fixed. Make sure you put in you own build pieces so that thieves can exploit that.

Exactly you’ve never been reported there so you can’t say if it’s bannable or not. The imps never come back to means you are covering up in game content

Play in fear or don’t. If I get removed, I get removed. I try not to and build with intent in mind but I refuse to be paralyzed from playing just because of the potential that I could be removed.

To the OP. Try to build with respect to the game and area. Make it fun and cool for someone to discover but not obnoxious borq design. And remember one critical aspect…if it’s visible, you will be attacked.

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Thanks everyone. A few things to clarify for the answers…It’s a PVE server not PVP. I have kept the land claim to as much a minimum as possible. I am building upwards not outwards. The bushes and animals around the temple still spawn. The only things that don’t spawn are two regular imps from inside the temple. That’s all that has been lost in spawns. Yes I’ve been a member for a long time, but after all that time I am lost with what counts as a violation of TOS, and paranoid about getting suspended for making choices that I think are fine. Thanks for the help. I think I will stay. I haven’t spammed land claim anywhere. Fingers crossed hey?

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From my experience on pve servers, you will have no issues!
There are 2 ruins, from the river side, the left one is OK, the right one is tricky. Tricky because it has a miniboss spawn, so keep in mind to deal only with the left ruin, allowing the miniboss spawn on the other ruin.
Keep your decoration and lighting to a good level until the new rule set will arrive. I read a post from an admin here saying that they are working on the rules!
Again, I don’t think you’ll have issues, I see no mistake to what you are going to do and this place was literally always builded in pvp servers and numerous times on pve.
Fear not, keep low profile and have fun.

Thanks. I have built in the tower opposite to the boss imp. He and all his imp followers still spawn ok.

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That is very nice actually. As a pve player I could be annoyed if I didn’t see this miniboss spawning, yet I am not the “report” person. I play in several servers for this reason, if I am annoyed I just leave the server for some time. Because I play this way, in the past a private conversation I had with master @Narelle and posts I read after, I understand “why” refreshing is not good. So when I participate alone, my footprint is extra small, not to have remorse for refreshing a small cabin and 3 followers :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
However, when I play on clans, I don’t really care, because playing online in a clan, is an investment on people, not the game it self if you get me. If I got banned for this, by all means, I won’t cry you know :grin:. Crime and punishment, yet I had fun of it :wink:.
I wish you fun too :+1:t6:

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If I were an admin tasked as I believe they are I would FOR SURE tag you for building there.

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