Will the characters have names that start with a capital letter?



I have already decided to get the game. When I watch the videos from the Devs playing, the character names doesn’t start with a capital letter? Is this intended?
This might sound like nothing to some, but it will do my head in to have a char called “dux”, and not “Dux”.

I am sure the demo you guys play on the videos isnt the full thing. But I would really care about this tiny detail :p.

And while I am on the subject of characters, will you be able to create your own characters, or is there only standard characters?

Love the game!


Hey there!

Glad to hear you’re excited about the game! :smiley:
There are some changes still being made and some typos like capitalization should be fixed on release. Very good eyes! You will not be able to create your own characters for this game. But we hope you fall in love with the characters in game after learning more about them when playing! :blush:


Thanks for the reply!

Creating characters was one of the best part in Mutant!
However, as I understand it, you have put a lot of effort in the RPG and story. Even on character level, which is why the game core is the premade chars.

Just because I always want to create my own, does not mean I will not like the game.
I’ll keep an open mind and we shall see Dec 4th!