Will the new DLC remain a standalone addition?


I would like to ask any of the Exiles’ Reps if it can be confirmed that the new DLC pack will remain a stand alone item (for clarity and to not have to make assumptions).

I did see where it was stated that it isn’t in Season 2, but that was expected as all of that Pass’s contents were already listed.

I’m fine with getting the DLC by itself, and I’m fine with grabbing another bundle. I just don’t want to pick it up by itself, and then a couple of months down the line have it show up in a bundle.


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They said last week that they “currently have no plans for a Season 3 Pass”. That’s no guarantee that such a bundle will never happen, but considering how the previous two had been planned well in advance, it’s likely that if a season 3 happens, it’ll be much later.

The savings you’d get from a Season bundle aren’t massive, anyway, so if you like the Argos DLC, and want it now, it probably won’t hurt very much if it’s later added to a bundle.


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