New dlc pack part of year 2?

hey exiles

So was just wondering if the new DLC pack dropping Thursday will be included in the year 2 DLC bundle?

@Hugo can you help with this question?

thanks in advance

From the steam page of the year 2 bundle:

so the year 2 bundle is done and the new dlc is not part of it.


And further added, this was asked during the stream yesterday. The answer is no.


Yesterday this question was asked during the stream (at 41:28).

Q: Will the argosian DLC be free with the year two season pass?
A: It is not included in the year two season pass.

Edit: Oh, @Multigun answered faster than me. :flushed: :+1: :yellow_heart:


And in year 3 season pass?

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Follow up Q: any idea what the price possibly could be for it?

From my recap


They should put the year 3 season pass along with the DLC, I don’t want to buy the DLC and then buy a season pass that includes this DLC that I already have.


Exact my thoughts.

Wasn’t it mentioned that there are only 2 dlcs planned? 1 normal (releasing next week) and the map?

The map has not been described as a dlc specifically. It is an “expansion” which could mean dlc, or could mean large added content or even stand alone as some games have gone. The map is not even yet officially confirmed as far as I know, any more than Sorcery (the map having the Tencent offer and sale behind it though). They are both getting strong nods though.

It’s confirmed. Just no details.


I think the support dlc’s will now be more spaced out, thus no pass. The direction and amount they do will be dictated on population of game. by doing a pass, they tie themselves to timelines and qty, hurting possibly the quality in the process.

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I don’t recall seeing it anywhere on the Forum or anything “we are doing a map” as communication. I do remember hearing that it was stated in financial meetings, but I tend to lump those into the “planned” but “not confirmed” categories. Perhaps I just missed it.

Too tired from yesterday to go looking, but it was posted to Twitter and here on the forums multiple times. Basicaly along the lines of “yes, we can confirm we are working on a map. But that’s all we’lll say.”

Well okay then I guess I just missed it. I didn’t doubt it was coming, I just felt like they were keeping an option of not doing it on the table… wouldn’t be the first time.

I can confirm. It has been stated multiple times over different threads that a new map is in the works. Even during this last stream, it is only said not ready to talk about it. Same type of question for boats and water combat is asked, and the answer was a definitive “Not going to happen”. So i take “not ready to talk about it” as yet another confirmation, but way to early to start conversations with community about it.

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