Season pass Year 2

Hey Devs, I have a question about the Season Pass of Year 2, if I buy this Season Pass, I will have immediate access to Turan’s new dlc?

Thanks for your support

Yes you do

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Yup, can confirm. :slight_smile:


Is this PC only? I never saw a season pass on PS4?

hey , i have aquilian, khitan, savage frontier, yamatai already , i want now the turan is it better to buy year 2 pass for the upcoming dlc or that i buy just single turan?

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It’s on the ps store , just type Conan and you’ll see the Year 2 bundle

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Never mind. duhh
I decided i have this thing called google. Amazing what it can tell you. You all should check it out :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Well if you plan on acquiring all 4 dlcs you might want to consider buying the year 2 bundle since you’ll have a 25% discount ( basically a free DLC) . The only drawback is that we don’t know what the themes of the future dlcs are ^^ .

so year 2 season pass starts at turan?

Yes exactly , three more dlcs after the Turan one

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thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This season pass is new mate, check it out

yeah. Unfortunately, it is not available on US region site. Time difference i guess. I google and foundit on PS4 store, but when i log in it kicks me to US regional, and it is not listed. :frowning:

I have purchased the year two season pass on ps4 and went to download and it’s making me purchase the new dlc treasures of turan what did I do wrong


Be sure to read my thread and check out the linked wiki pages on them: Treasures of Turan Pack, Year 2 Season Pass (and a patch for a UI fix) now available!

The same thing is happening to me, I purchased the season pass but can’t access the new Turan dlc in game, and when I go to look at my downloadable content for Conan, the season pass not the turan dlc are listed there, I’m on PS4 btw

Is there an ETA on the xbox one version?

It’s soon^tm, certification can take a few days :wink:

I know… I’m usually telling that to other people… it’s just watching everyone else opening their Christmas gifts… it’s like not getting the Red Ryder BB Gun…


Can confirm, season pass DOES NOT unlock Turan on PS4