Witch Queen Boss Bug

Account name : tunocan
Game mode: Official Multiplayer PvP
Problem: Bug Boss Encounter

Offical PvP 3102 server… Witch Queen boss fight not starting and I stuck at room pls I need help

Had same thing happen to me. Killed the two giants,and nothing. I was stuck. Logged out and in and door opened. Not sure if it was luck or not but I’m not trying it again right now.

This kind of happened to me, PC SP PVP, was just exploring the new swamp, found the Witch Queen “dungeon” and the queen taunted me a couple of times, door slammed closed behind me, went online to boards to search for witch quuen fight, when I came back voila the queen was next to me ready to fight…I was cloaked at the time but once uncloaked…