Woke up all my stuff gone, was in t3 black ice structure in main base, PvP 1932

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type:PvP
Region: US

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  1. Log in, all my crap gone
  2. Check event log, says a lootbag with all my crap decayed
  3. Suspect crappy developers who fix one thing break two
  4. How long after release will this game not have anymore P1 bugs?
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You’re on a PVP server. Are you sure they decayed, or did you get stone-age raided?


Sleep death :confused:


That would be my first bet for what happened.

I’ve played since EA opened, I know what the log says. While i was offline my brother put things in my inventory. The next time I logged on, they were all gone and I was naked in my T3 fortress. Checking the event log it said a loot bag with all those items had decayed. Don’t be dumb and suspect a pebkac

It is not a bug, merely unlucky coding.

When you log off your perks stop working. This include the vitality 20 and 30 perks meaning you are more vulnerable to temperature.

Is you base in a very cold or hot area or were you wearing armor inappropriate for your environment?

In this case you probably died to freezing or overheating and thus your body’s and loot inside dropped to the ground, while you respawned at your beds. The decay started and the calculation you triggered by logging in to your base noticed that your dropped loot was due for decay, that’s why the stuff vanished the moment you logged in.

To avoid this either make your house warmer (braziers, torches) or colder (glowstick-torches) depending on how whether it was to cold or to hot or make sure you wear more environment appropriate armor.

Also to note: black ice T3 buildings, while cheap to make, increase the temperature inside and are a bad choice for desert buildings, with T3 brick being a cooling material.

(Or put everything in chests before you log out)

You can test this by resetting your attribute points and see if you start to lose health.

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Most likely it’s what @Gnadolin reported above. It’s been 100% consistent for me - if I log out at my Volcano or Frozen base, I wake up dead. Guaranteed. If I log out at my main base (which is in a temperate zone) I’m alive. Guaranteed. It IS a bug though, nothing in the perks suggest that they should stop working when you log out.

People report that it’s possible to build shelters that adequately protect against these effects, and that’s fine, but if you can stay alive while logged in (without using items other than food, no cooling/warming effects), you should be able to survive while logged out.

PvP is of course always a risk, but I’m going to assume OP is correct in dismissing that (they know their base better than we do after all).


It was T3 Black Ice building inside the snow, near the Black Keep, no it doesn’t have any holes in the construction, yes even when cooling down I was fine inside the room that happens to be double layered in t3 black ice

There is a known issue where you can die if you have base in frozen area and also in volcano some reason perks and armor don’t protect you when your offline.

That’s cool, I’m off the game anyway, just reporting the bug.

Honestly had some real good moments with friends a while ago on this game but everyone’s moved on - the bugs are so game-breaking and prolific to the point that no one I know wants to spend anymore time on the game.

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