World boss blocking on official

I think this might be an overly optimistic assessment of how people interact in an online community.

The way I see it, Rules have been put into place. I do not think that it is unrealistic to expect to have these rules enforced consistently.

What exactly are you suggesting here?
I am not sure I understand.

You just defined it…

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Here’s the problem, many think the rules aren’t enforced. Many think they are enforced too harshly. Many can’t agree on what blocking x thing actually is and what standard it should be. I’ve heard everything from no world bosses, to some world bosses but not all, to no brimestone, to some brimestone, and even something as silly as blocking no branches or rocks.

Its all over the place. There’s no agreement on how any of this should be followed. So turn it over to me. I’ll come up with a solution for the community to follow through hell or high water. It won’t make everyone happy, but if they (FC) follow the guideline it will be consistent. Doesn’t have to be me, just one single entity.

But the biggest issue with any solution is ego. Everyone thinks they way they play on these servers is the right way and that FC should enforce that method they have in their heads that they don’t always (if ever) present clearly.

In reality if everyone just minded their own business and didn’t play like dicks then there wouldn’t be any issues to begin with. But they think they know better… so let them prove it. Come on all, you all are smart, fix the problem amongst yourselves. You all got this.

Funcom themselves should be that entity, making the rules and enforcing them.
Their rules are vague and the enforcement is whacky, so they also fail at this part of the job.


Nothing. It’s just trolling. The whole post boils down to “a lot of people are complaining about admins banning players, now other people are complaining about how admins are not banning players, therefore you’re all hypocrites (or something) and I’m very smart”.


:thinking: I think that adds up to too many manys.

I’m sure we could work up a good builder TOS.

That’s not true. There is this person I know… ok It’s me. I made the horrible mistake of pointing out that there was no doubt that a certain persons build violated no less then 3 TOS rules. It was the server saint and now I’m the server villain.

Now just how can I be the server villain if zendesk can’t read a TOS?

I mean here I am am getting 360 screen cap of these sprawling mega bases and why? So some zendesk admin a can maybe; :rofl:, investigate and say “Well it only covers a third of a map square and only bocks 2 minboss and one world bass spawn, so good to go”. :man_facepalming:

They’ve bowed out. So someone else will have to pick it up.

I’ve heard this before. In six years, you all haven’t been able to do so. So excuse my skepticism.

Zendesk is just a web application. Its a moderator that handles it out of FC. They can and do read the TOS just fine. Its whether they believe its worth their time or not. These servers are basically an HOA of Karen’s who likely report for the most dumbest of things. What I’ve seen happen over time is when they get a high volume, they just don’t take action unless they notice problems on a server and wait for the volume to cool.

When frivolous reporters get the message of “We hope the issue resolves on its own.” Then they’re less likely to waste their time. Once the issue dies down, they can hammer violations out of the blue. This is where the inconsistency is.

You can say you all don’t like it. But it isn’t changing the fact that you simply have to deal with it. You all also tend to buy way more FC stuff than the people you call shills or whiteknights. Yet claim not to be hypocrites.

Let me make a challenge (one that will have a better chance of results than this thread ever will). If you’re unhappy with their enforcement. For the rest of this age, spend no more than I did in Age of Sorcery. Which is zero. Last purchase I made was the Nemedian DLC.

I bet that restraint isn’t there for many of you.

You aught to know I haven’t spent dime one in the bazaar, but I may be a .01%er on that.

Was playing around at the back of my head, I think we did once, or at least described what we would like to see; like warnings and explanations. Bigger no build zones, more inclusive no build zones, and add vertical to them. Can’t recall the rest.

Last purchase I made was Siptah :handshake:
Never buying something cosmetic or a non-content DLC when my view of the game isn’t “woah this is absolutely great and I will support the devs for their great work.”
It has happened to me in a few games to buy cosmetic to support, but oh hell never in Conan.

As I always say, this is capitalism, you vote with your money! Be aware of that :+1:

This is the same event that occurred in May from another closed topic.

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This one over invested in Chrome Coins early on.
To be very brief, this one had long tooted the Sorcery when? horn. This one was given what they asked for (even if not exactly the way this one wanted, but expecting perfection is folly, progress is, however, required) after a fashion, and with the statement that further development, explicitly development of base game content, would be fueled by the new monetization, despite this one’s general loathing of Battle Passes, this one wanted to see more and better from a game they enjoy.
Well, fast forward several months and the monetization roll out is the kind of thing even hippies flush after making, this one is speaking of bugs, the preview UI, insects, advertising so disingenuous this one’s friend offered to make a legal case around it as a demonstration for his class, infestation, and an inability to use acquired content when not connected to the oh so reliable live services.
Still, this one held out some hope that the revenue would go towards a new worthy age. Then we got the Age of “War”. But not war like a Rammstein song, no, not like a Disturbed song either, not even Black Sabbath, instead it was like the Edwin Star song.

Ok, so monetization was brought up.
This one hasn’t had the ban hammer dropped on them on Publics. Does this mean this one has special protections? Mind you, this one’s largest public builds all fit in small corners of out of the way places. This one doesn’t need cheap hacks to win large scale conflicts, because, honestly, many of the prey on the publics are the kind of animals that only grow to adulthood in the most protected of environments.

What is the point old man, where is the ramble going?
Yes yes yes, brevity is a virtue.
But this one is ancient and decadent.

Do we want to experiment?

Should this one, having once slid Tencom/Funcent a nice pile of coin, go do some flagrantly abhorrent things on Publics to see if discipline can be baited?

Any other marine mammals (especially recent purchasers, as this one has closed their wallet since the toilet fiasco) think this would be utile?

On 3052 someone is blocking the scorpion king.
I not really playing the last month because of this invisible animals and other bugs. But the server is full 20 - 30 Player on prime time. I was wondering why nobody reports the clan…
But maybe someone did like op…

I was waiting to see then online to help them not being banned and give me my home boss back :joy:

I was sure this is banable… WTF is that?

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  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, lore stones, recipes, resources, unique NPCs, and other areas of the game.

Yeah at this point, officials are DOA and I exclusively play on them.


The ToS was very clear and we have YEARS of precedent where FC has enforced based on this exact issue.

The ToS needed revised before they sent this out because right now they have just admitted they unfairly enforced on hundreds of folks and/or due to the amount of transgressions of this type, they will reinterpret their rules that counters the original context of the actual words and their enforcement from the past.

HOWEVER. I just saw a distinction here. Is the spider boss still spawning and can people access it? The message didn’t say anything that the spider was blocked, just built around/near.


The message does say “Building on or around world bosses is not prohibited as per the game’s design.” (emphasis mine)

At best, the spider is still spawning and whichever admin wrote this reply was incredibly clumsy in their wording. At worst, the claims we’ve been hearing about how some players know the admins and are untouchable are not tinfoil-hattery.

The truth is most likely somewhere in between these extremes: someone was totally incompetent. If I had to guess, I’d say Funcom subcontracted this to people outside their org, people who don’t even play the game and aren’t paid enough to give a shіt.


Not surprised. You can’t beg them to even clear a land spammed brimstone lake while they demo your t1 base for being near an ob.

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Meanwhile, theres a spider boss in a cave not far from there…

Oh you needed a key?

Theres a croc down the road.

Out East Big spider queen boss on an island.

Theres a boss spider out east too.

There are options until they get around to it.

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I’m not sure I understand…
Are you saying that since there are other world bosses nearby, blocking one of them is not a problem?

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Seems pretty self explanatory.

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