WTH are Gem Skulls?

Can anyone help me with this? One of our players found some Gem Skulls and I have no idea what they’re for or where they came from (base game or mod). I looked at the wiki and nothing came up, so I searched the mod content and couldn’t find them either. Anyone happen to know where they come from?


Definitely a mod


Yeah, that’s what I thought too since they’re not on the wiki, but I can’t figure out which one. It’s not a mod that has icon tags, like EE, but the only one we use that doesn’t use tags that would have items like that would be DMTools, but I didn’t see it there either. Kinda odd.

It’s from one of Snowhunter’s mods, I think the one that adds the Darfari/Amazon crypt.


Ah! The Forsaken Tomb. I bet that’s it. Thank you! :grin:

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