Xalthar's crossing issue

Anyone know what is going on in this cave? Full of npcs that can’t be knocked out. Used to only contain mushrooms and alligators.

they’ve reworked most caves and added bosses and npcs

Yes but these seem bugged. They can’t be knocked out.

perhaps a bug report then, make sure and include your platform and game mode, etc

I think you mean Xalthar’s Refuge (northern J7) rather than Xalthar’s Crossing (NE L5). Also most of the enemies in there have gold borders on their health bars which denotes an enemy that cannot be knocked out. So I’m inclined to think that this is intentional.

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Yes you are correct. I had the name wrong. Thanks. They are hard to kill also. Took a high named fighter with me and was not happening.

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Yeah, I usually sprint past all of them to get to their leader, as his armor drops are my chief reason for going there.

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You’re absolutely right, not sure what I was thinking… :thinking:

Edit: I’m guessing I meant to cite the lack of a blue / grey KO bar, unless my memory is failing me. Either way, it seems like more of the NPC with special-looking names are increasingly being placed off-limits. I believe the same for the criminals in Sepermeru now too.

You can knock out the very first fighter as you go in. He doesn’t have a gold border.
He has only 3000 hp though.
In general all the fighters in there are the toughest non mini bosses in the game.
They seem to have more hp than the actual boss of the cave.

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