Is it just me? Rocknoses? Rocknosen?

Look I really don’t mind them at all in the grand scheme of things, but I am not the only one that thinks this in the group I play with. My subject is rocknoses, or what ever the plural of rocknose is, I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT change in them and that has to do with their health pool. So not only do they no longer bleed like they did when I first started playing, honestly that makes sense, but they have a significanly increased health pool and I feel like they increased their damage as well. I used to be able to just piss through them at midlevel but now one hit seems to take only about 5% of their health. Now I am using a strength build and an axe shield combo, thats a pretty legit build imo! I can’t kill them worth a damn now, if there was just 1 or 2 I would not complain at all, but they are so prevalent in Siptah that I can barely walk 30 feet without agroing about 12 of them, which also they seem to have gained eagle vision or something because they have a MUCH larger agro radius as well. Like I said though, MAYBE it’s just me, but honestly there are WAAAAAAY to many of them in this map and I feel like they need to be toned down a bit.


I’ll agree with this thread 100%. It makes sense rock monsters don’t bleed anymore, but the significant uptick in health overall makes them unforgivingly tougher than they have any right to be.

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Is it an increased health pool or damage mitigation? I’m playing on official so there’s no mod to show the actual size of the health pool.

They’re definitely more annoying to fight now. It would be nice if maybe they yielded more crystal when you picked them.

As it is, I just avoid them unless they’re in a location I need to be or I’m leveling up my thrall. Not that there’s really anything wrong with that. You don’t have to kill everything you see.

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True you don’t have to kill everything but when they are guarding every metal node on the north west side of the island it gets particularly annoying.

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that said use weapon with good armor penetration, decent rhino makes short work of them as well

my beef with rock monsters is that on Island they overspawn, having to fend 6-10 because you took one step too far every couple of meters is a growing nuisance

Hey Jaylor,

I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.


It’s armor and damage mitigation. I have modded UI and see just miserable damage I do to those beasts as my weapon has 0% armor pen. By the way my Lynx does a decent damage to them.

I guess it’s your weapon. Since Siptah their knockdown attacks have been removed.
A battlehammer does nicely, also because Rocksnoses have trouble hitting a moving target.

Try a 2H mace, it works a charm.

Ohh my god yes…

The rocknoses are a pest… there too many…
They’re annoying to kill cause they stand ultra close to you…
They take way too long to kill, they’re almost as tanky as a 1 skull alligator
They almost always interrupt your attacks

And what do they give you? A little bit of exp, a lot of annoyance and STONES omg!

I would like to see them confined the same biomes as Exiled lands i.e the desert/sandy regions. But they are all over atm. They keep popping out of the grass… like daisies!

Probably the first enemy I faced and noticed how much more difficult it was to kill them. Since I was using an iron axe I assumed it was their armor or mitigation as Helium3 pointed out; maybe both. Never tested this theory. Could have switched to a mace or hammer and stacked sunder like others have pointed out; but I still use axes. Now that I have sort-of top tier weapons they are not as much a threat. But they are numerous and I still avoid them where/when possible.

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