(XB1) Hello everyone. Looking for a few Experienced trustworthy players

Looking for a few experienced trustworthy players willing to assist a clan in a PvP server. We are a range from… A couple experienced, on down to a noob or two. Were not looking for servants to order around, we are looking for cooperation. And also fun an mature ppl too. We are layed back socially we generally don’t talk too much crap to one another lol. An on top of that we like proving to power leveling buttheads that they don’t own servers. Its PvP! war is afoot lol. Im 29 some are younger some are older in the clan. If you are interested let me kno.

“may all of you return safely home with your thralls an resources”.

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message me and I should be able to chat. Just started the game a few days ago know the foundations of the game up to mid tier after 3 play sessions. Extensive hours on ark official PvP I mean redonkalous hours.
GT: SwampIToe

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Send me a message.

I have been playing since Early Release and know the game very well. I like clans that work together. I do not care about how experienced the clan members are since we all started out not knowing the game.

Hey man I’d love to join. I’m quite experienced at this game. 27 years old and like helping out.

Also gamer tag is Thraiex

Awesomenill try to contact yall today

Great song by Tyr btw