Xbox and PS4 platforms and the state of the wiki

The DLC Isle of Siptah has been released on the PC, but not yet for the platforms. This is creating a problem for the Xbox/PS4 users and we apologize.

Were we to await full release to update the wiki with the current volunteers would be a bad thing, since a few folks have been working hard to have it ready for you.

There is a temporary solution, though, and we wanted to detail it here. If you have questions, please feel free to post here, or join the fan-based discord channel (be forewarned you may be asked to volunteer :stuck_out_tongue:).

To see the current platform information it’s still there, two clicks away. First, click on History:

Next, click on a date near, or prior, to 1 November, 2020.

That’s all you need to do to get what you need. The page shown will be what you are experiencing now.

Again, we apologize for the extra steps, but want you to be up to date when the full release hits both platforms !




Thank you Jim and everyone else who works on the wiki! You are absolute legends :blush:


Or maybe, Leave a small paragraph at bottom of each page… detailing ps4/xbox versions. >_>

This is something I wanted to bring up for awhile… I keep going there, and I keep getting angry that its updated to PC… and all console data is thrown away and not stored below it in marked section for console users. -_-’ feels silly to have to start clicking thru history pages when people could just leave some of info there knowing consoles will always be behind months on end.

So many of tables… get update, and its like no Notes… I kinda wish some of change were Marked Isle of Sipiath outright so I know…

We got a few months for year end and few months before we may even get update.

Most of my smaller issues with wiki lately have been some of items list a location via Coordinates only. We can’t see them… there no values on display in map, nor do we have keyboard support for ~ commands on consoles.

Few of those pages… I’m being abit picky I guess… they took time to type out all numbers or copy paste, but couldnt type in “behind this, or few meters from said rocks” XD

pain to find some of items and npc locations…

I’m thankful for updates to wiki… past few weeks have been madding when visiting there. =(
Hopfully none of that sounds rude, Its been long day… and wait for fix for followers climbing into my backside, blue screen and all other issues is getting to me.
The fun of playing a PC game on Console I guess… always 2nd hand stuff and after thoughts.

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