Xbox - Conan Exiles Broken - Empty World

I really want to like this game but I gotta be honest, there are too many glitches and bugs to warrant the amount of time it would take to fully explore this game. Some of it, you can overlook, like sound glitches and npcs unable to track etc, but when it comes to essentially a dead end of creation/progression I draw the line.

Playing this on single player, I had a pretty solid base going with about 70 thralls guarding it. I went to the other side of the map to start getting star metal and BAM! The game started deleting thralls and apparently didn’t stop there. All NPC, enemies, bosses, nodes, trees, etc have vanished. There is nothing left to interact with except a handful of thralls attached to benches and an inability to build using the resources i had left. I tried to uninstall/reinstall the game and reopen my save and still nothing. Just empty topography. I even tried to enter a few dungeons in the hopes that might trigger some sort of repopulation when exiting. Coming up empty. Fresh out of ideas. If there’s a solution that doesn’t involve me buying an expansion or starting over that would be great and I might give this another chance, even reconsider trying expansions but as it stands now there is no way i would recommend this game to anyone let alone purchase anything from funcom.

You might want to move this if you can over to the xbox bug reporting section so that it will have the visibility that it needs. They may still see it over here, but moving it couldnt hurt.

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@Community could you please help our new friend in the right direction. @Conanbroken welcome to the Forum. One thing I do know when you are playing offline your Xbox or in my case ps4 is working as a server and they don’t handle the game as well as a actual server would definitely hope you get a satisfactory resolution to this best of luck.

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Greetings and welcome to our forum!

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you share with us some details of your setup?

  • Which XBox model do you have?
  • Do you have your game installed to an SSD or HDD?
  • Is the console stable playing other demanding games?
  • Does it exhibit any signs of overheating while playing CE?

In the meantime, please try the following steps. Please ensure that your save is stored on the XBOX cloud before trying each of the following steps and letting us know if they help:

  • Reset the console cache by holding the power button for about 10 seconds until the console powers off, then disconnecting it from the power outlet for a couple of minutes, then try loading into your SP session.

  • Try to perform a soft factory reset while keeping games and apps. If the above procedures don’t help, please try to perform a full reinstall of the game.

Thank you for the poke @sestus2009 :slight_smile:


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